£2.50 items. A few of our £2.50 items may be close to, or past, their BBE dates so we wanted to give you some clear, unbiased and helpful information.

0mg Shortfill Bottles (Zero Nicotine)

The BBE, or (Best Before Date) is simply a recommendation as to when you should use an e-liquid by. There is NO evidence to suggest that vaping expired e-liquids can be dangerous or bad for your health. In fact, some e-liquids can last up to five years past their Best Before Date. Even after five years, your e-liquid does not “go off” like food, you may just experience a change in flavour.

After the BBE has expired, a few things can happen to an e-liquid:

You might experience a gradual decrease in flavour and aroma, although the opposite can be true for creamy and custard flavoured e-liquids, as they have technically been allowed to STEEP for longer and the flavours may become stronger in taste.
The colour of the e-liquid may change (this can take several years)
The e-liquid bottle may become slightly tinted (this is usually caused by exposure to light)